Birds hit windows because of the reflections caused by sunlight hitting windows.  This causes birds to fly into windows instead of what they think is a tree ,sky, or open habitat.  By breaking up the reflections with anything following the 2” by 4” rule birds are less likely to strike the window.  The 2” x 4” rule refers to the space between horizontal elements at no more than 2 inches apart, and the space between vertical elements at no more than 4 inches apart

This can be done a few different ways including:

o   Applying patterned window films, decals, or tapes

o   Hanging cord or rope in front of windows spaced 4” apart – Acopian BirdSavers

o   Use bird friendly glass –

o   Using exterior screens

o   Placing bird feeders and birdbaths either within 3’ or beyond 35’