I Found a Bird

What should you do if you find a live bird that has hit a window?

If you find a bird that has hit a window, carefully attempt to capture it and place it inside of a small paper bag or shoebox.  Keep it out of direct sunlight.  If you are able to do so, you can take it to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center.  In Pittsburgh, the nearest center is the Animal Rescue League’s Wildlife Center at 6000 Verona Rd., Verona, PA 15147.  If you are north of Pittsburgh, WildBird Recovery is located at 120 Forsythe Rd., Valencia, PA 16059.

BirdSafe Pittsburgh is interested in your find as well!  Please email us some basic info about what you found, including species, address where it was found, the date and the time.  Send this info to birdsafepgh@gmail.com.

If the bird was found at your house, click here to learn about what you can do to prevent future collisions!