Fall 2016 Week 1 Update


Tennessee Warbler that survived a window collision was captured and transported to Animal Rescue Leagues Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

We have completed our first week of the fall 2016 monitoring season and it started with a bang.  We have already collected or saved 35 birds in the downtown Pittsburgh area.  With ranging species, most of which are warblers, the fall migration season seems to be upon us.  

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology BirdCast reported that this past week warbler migration has really started getting underway along with some vireos and thrushes.  That coincides with the higher numbers of warbler species and individuals found this week (table 1.).  Also it was reported that due to the storm front that passed through on Thursday, migration would be slowed during that night.  Subsequently lower numbers of window collisions were reported the morning after the storm (table 3.)

Here are a few tables and photos showing the species we’ve encountered so far and which routes have had the highest collision rate.


Table 1.) Species and species totals from 8/29/16-9/11/16


two Blackpoll Warblers found in very close proximity to one another after striking a window


Table 2.) Total number of birds found in each route from 8/29/16-9/11/16


Table 3.)  Total number of strikes per day

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology forecast for this week shows higher density flights tonight, tomorrow night and to a lesser extent Thursday night.  This being said make sure to keep a watch for next weeks update to see how the birds fair as migration begins to pick up.

Keep a watch on our website and facebook page for continued updates throughout the fall season. And for information on how to get involved or volunteer email birdsafepgh@gmail.com for more info!

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